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Dead Tree Removal | Wood Chipper - Berwick ME Problem Tree Removals

A dead tree is an obvious hazard, but what about other trees on your property? Do you know the other signs that a tree is a hazard or may need to be removed to keep your property safe?  Could you have living hazard trees in hiding in your yard?  We will outline the signs of hazardous tree conditions to help you with your tree removal project.

Residential Excavation Contractor - Berwick ME Excavation

You have decided on a project and now its time to "break ground".   We are your full service residential excavation contractor.  We have the skill and the equipment to complete your project on time and on budget!

Logging & Lot Clearing - Berwick ME Logging & Lot Clearing

In addition to our tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding services, we also specialize in:
Land Clearing - we will selectively remove trees, brush and undergrowth to clear your land for further utilization and optimum vegetation growth.
Logging - no stand of trees is too big or too small.  We will fell the trees, top them and haul them off.
We apply the same standards of safety when clearing large stands of trees as we do to all our work and we will also manage the project to leave your land in good condition.

Residential Septic System Installing, Repairing or Replacing - Berwick ME Septic Systems

Installing, repairing or replacing your septic system?   Whether your current system needs to be replaced or repaired or you need a system installed for a new construction project, we ensure strict compliance to approved plans.  We offer quality services that are sure to meet your needs.

Welcome to JW Ballard Tree Service and Excavation

JW Ballard Tree Service and Excavation is dedicated to safe, efficient and high quality results. Diversification of our work over the years, has allowed us to become an industry leader. We have the knowledge and expertise to get even the toughest job done. Don't let us try to convince you, check out what our customers have to say!

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